Portrait photo of Roseann Vitale

My name is Roseann Vitale and I am an artist currently residing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with my husband and daughter. I’m also an educator and a Pathologists’ Assistant, which allows me to combine my love of science with visual information.

Wondering what a Pathologists’ Assistant is?

I’ve been painting abstract paintings since I was 16 years old. For my undergraduate education, I attended The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. During that time, I explored other media such as photography and installation. I enjoyed making work with the intended final space in mind, which eventually brought me back to my true love of painting.

When I paint, I am using the colors to express my feelings and emotions. I enjoy working rapidly, often having quick painting sessions while my daughter naps, which is why I have always preferred to work in acrylic. I like how quickly it dries so I can layer new colors on top of the old to create depth and geometric landscapes. I often turn the canvas around several times while I am working on it, allowing the viewer to decide which orientation they prefer. Other times, the orientation is pretty set.

My goal is to provide you, the viewer, with a meditative place to enjoy color, light, and depth. When creating the paintings, I’m often in a meditative place myself and my intention is that you can engage in that process while viewing the paintings, making it a collaborative process between us.

Daughter Vincenza with playing with gardened tomatoes
Serene late evening shot of trees
Gardening Kale
Dog, Bandit, laying down
A colorful version of Roseann Vitale's logo